Ludvik Perše Cobblers Workshop


With a unified ticket you can see the shoe workshop collection,

Hodnik mill and sawmill and Beekeeping collection.

Ludvik Perše cobblers workshop

The story of Ludvik Perše begins just before World War II, when he was a cobbler’s apprentice. He was forcibly conscripted by the German army and stationed in Italy. In 1943, he joined the allied overseas forces and was part of the army that liberated Ilirska Bistrica in 1945. As a trained cobbler, he opened his shop, completed his training and shared his extensive knowledge with apprentices of his own. A preserved cobblers’ workshop is dedicated to the memory of this famous man from Ilirska Bistrica.

Price list:

Entrance ticket for Ludvik Perše cobblers workshop: €2.00/person

Entrance ticket (all three museum collections): €5.00/person

Entrance ticket (all three museum collections) - reduced price (pensioners, children, pupils, students): €4.00/person

Entrance ticket for children (up to age 5,99): free

The price list is valid from 10.4.2024.